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Welcome to vitOrgan: World Leader In Regenerative Medicine And Molecular Therapy Based In Germany

Awaken the power of  your pet’s cells –Biomolecular Therapy for pets.

The basis of biomolecular therapy with vitOrgan is the specific use of cytoplasmic cell factors of healthy animal cells.

This allows a sick organ to first be repaired and regenerated in an integral way and then to fulfill its function again.

This holistic regulation allows a significant improvement in the quality of life and a gradual recovery of your pet.

The Concept of vitOrgan: Strengthen the powers of self-healing

vitOrgan’s Biomolecular Therapy uses the powers of self-healing to normalize the processes that become unbalanced during an illness.

Your pet’s body is made up of billions of cells. As long as its structure, metabolism and function are intact, the body is healthy. However, if the body’s cellular functions are altered, this can lead to diseases.

If only the symptoms are suppressed, the underlying disease can take root and even get worse. Therefore, it is crucial to treat the underlying cause.

This is where vitOrgan Biomolecular Therapy allows us to intervene in a useful way. The principle of treatment consists of stimulating the processes of self-healing through the administration of vital molecular organic substances in a natural, unmodified and immediately acting form.

By normalizing and regulating the functioning of individual cells, the organ and, finally, the whole organism, your pet can recover again.

Innovation Based on Traditional Basis

Special manufacturing process of vitOrgan biomolecular therapy is part of the long tradition of using healthy cells of animal organs.

This was developed by the Professor of Medicine Dr. Karl Eugen Theurer who in the early 1950s, managed to combine maximum efficiency with optimal tolerance and safety of the products, which have been successfully confirmed in more than 250,000 applications worldwide.

Using exclusively certified and controlled bovine organs and a single and validated manufacturing process according to the GMP standard, we guarantee the safety of our dietary supplements in accordance with the standards of the Medicines (GMP) and the current pharmacopoeias (HAB). This procedure reliably excludes zoonoses and the risk of allergic reactions to foreign proteins.

The biotechnological production in Germany in our own sterile area guarantees the high quality requirements that we impose on our products.

What aliments is vitOrgan therapy used for?

More and more pet owners want a natural treatment for their “pets” that goes beyond conventional medicine. This is where vitOrgan’s biomolecular therapy allows us to intervene to help without hurting.

Due to their good tolerability and high efficacy, our preparations are the best dietary supplement of choice for both acute and chronic and degenerative diseases, especially for long-term therapies. Its fields of application include degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs, as well as the adjuvant treatment of tumors.

In this holistic way, a diseased organ can be repaired and regenerated and then perform its function again.

Our own line of products for veterinary medicine allows an individual and personalized treatment that includes multiple dietary supplements, in D4 concentration with 1 μg/ml of organ extract for oral consumption.

The Therapy is compatible with all other treatment methods and can be easily combined with them without side effects.

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